Best Sub Broker in India

Best Sub Broker in India – List of Best Sub Broker Franchise in India

In this article, let’s see who is the Best Sub Broker in India or Best Sub Broker Franchise in India 2021.

“If you have an IQ of 160, sell 30 points. You do not need them.” As Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in his book Outliers.

A high IQ isn’t enough to make someone a great investor, what it takes is to be incredibly quick, savvy, and fiercely analytical. But all these skills and qualities cannot easily be found in an investor who is just passionate about investing. In fact, according to research, the biggest mistake Indian layman investors make is that they let their overconfidence take over. They trust their instinct rather than data, and rumors rather than research. That’s why it is always suggested to consult the Best sub brokers in India before making any investments. A sub-broker has the expertise, skills, and knows more than what an amateur investor knows.  

Some of the best Business ideas take a lot of perseverance and hard work to set the business apart, having a sub broker franchise in India is one of the best businesses at any stage. A “sub broker” franchise is the business associate of a broker. The sub broker is not any trading member of the Stock Exchange but assists the investors in trading with the help of the best Sub broking franchise in India.

Any professional portfolio manager whose net worth is Rs. 5 crore or more can start Portfolio Management services in India, Read this article to know more.

Things to be considered before becoming a Best Sub broker in India

  1. As per regulations, the sub-broker should be 10+2, nonetheless, a graduate can do much better in the business.
  2. Should have expert knowledge of financial markets.
  3. Should have basic knowledge of computers.
  4. Should also possess communication skills, management skills, and leadership.
  5. Should be well versed with the information of financial, economic, political, and environmental factors.
  6. NISM modules on equities, mutual funds, commodities, F&O should be cleared as mandated by SEBI for the terminal.
  7. Should advise the customer in equities, commodities, currency, mutual fund, etc.
  8. They should be prepared to give advisory to their clients on all the financial products.
  9. They should efficiently execute the dealings between the broker and the client.

How to Become a Sub Broker in India? Read our blog on this, would help you

Documents require to become Sub Broker

Documents for Best Sub Broker in India as Individual:
  1. Pan Card
  2. Address Proof – Aadhar Card or any Govt. Proof
  3. Bank Proof – Cancelled Cheque with a name or Bank statement for 3 months
  4. Education Proof – 10th or 12th or Graduation Certificate
  5. Work Proof

Documents for Best Sub Brokers as Firm:

  1. Pan Card of Company & all Director(s)
  2. Office Address Proof in Company Name
  3. MOA (Memorandum of Association) (Main clause should mention with “Dealing in securities market”.
  4. AOA (Article of Association)
  5. Board Resolutions signed by all Director(s).
  6. Resident Address proof  of all the Director(s)
  7. Education proof of all the Director(s) Min 10th pass
  8. Cancelled Cheque in Company Name.
Documents for Best Sub Broker in India as Partnership Firm:

Checklist for Partnership all Documents must be sign and stamp by all Partners


Firm Proof and Documents:

  • PAN Card Copy of Firm (duly signed by all partners with a seal of firm Certified by CA/ Notary)
  • Registration of Certificate (ROF Copy) (duly signed by all partners with a seal of firm Certified by CA/ Notary)
  • Partnership Deed on stamp paper (Main Object Clause must be there Dealing in Shares, Securities, Commodities, Currency and Commodities Derivative Market. (duly signed by all partners with a seal of firm Certified by CA/ Notary)
  • Office Address Proof ( Any one of Valid Proof)
  • Residence Address Proof of All partners ( Any one of Valid Proof)
  • Education Proof (for All Partners)
    (i) SSC or HSC Mark Sheet ( Min Qualification SSC)
  • Sharing Patten (Annexure 5B) Duly certified by C A

Charges for Best Sub Broker Franchise in India

  1. Fixed charges
  • 2360/- per segment registration charges with SEBI as an authorized person for 1 time only.
  • 250/- + taxes for terminal per segment per month.

    For eg :- 5 segments , NSE cash, NSEFO ,BSE cash, MCX, NCX (currency) = 5x 2360 = 11800/-

   2. Security deposit

For security deposits, you can give online transfers or blue-chip shares only worth 50,000/- to 300000/- depending upon the Broker.


Office space requirement for Best Sub Broker Franchise in India

For any Sub brokership, you may need a 100sqft space which you can operate from your home too. Some brokers require particular space before giving to a franchise but mostly allow it to operate from home. But you have to place a notice board for compliances.

Revenue for Best Sub Brokers Franchise in India

You can easily generate a revenue of 1 lakh while running a sub-broker business. The brokers will help you in marketing which will help you in client acquisition

For eg you have 10 clients with ARPC(Average Revenue per client) of 500/- daily

Now on daily basis, you generate 10x 500 = 5000 rs revenue

And if there are 20 working days in a month then, 20x 5000 = 1 lakh Revenue which will be shared on month-end basis.

Best Sub Broker in India or Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise Partner in 2021

Let’s us now look into each of these parameters which sub broker partner is winning the race –





Angel Broking Franchise



Sharekhan Franchise



Motilal Oswal Franchise



IIFL Franchise



ICICI Direct Franchise



SMC Franchise



Zerodha Partner



Nirmal Bang Franchise



Kotak Securities Franchise



Upstox Partner


Conclusion – Best Sub Broker Franchise in India

Last but not least choosing a Best sub broker in India can never be a decision you regret unless he is not upskilling and upgrading himself every day. It is ideal to have a go-through of their client history, testimonials, and portfolios before making a decision. A good sub-broker would offer a client relevant, research-based information at a reasonable brokerage fee. Now that we have provided you a list of top sub brokers in India, we hope the process has become seamless and convenient for you.

Top10 Sub Broker Partner India FAQs

Answer –A best sub broker is similar to a broker in some sense but is not directly involved in the trading process. It acts an agent between the investor and a stock broker. A sub broker assists clients of the brokerage firm regarding investment decisions.


It is necessary to ensure that you are dealing with a registered sub broker. SEBI provides Certificate of registration to all the registered sub broker without which they are not permitted to carry out any operations. The registration number of a broker begins with “INB” and sub brokers registration number begins with “INS”.


Below are the few qualities which should be considered for a best sub broker in India apart from the eligibility criteria:

  1. Good Market Research: This is a preferred quality to generate clients for the brokerage. Such research would also ensure that investors receive a wholesome view for making the best choice for investment.
  1. Tech Savvy: This is one of the most important qualities to look for in a best sub broker as the stock market these days functions completely online. Being well versed with the latest softwares would ensure that no opportunity is missed.
  1. Knowledge: Anyone with an intermediate level of education can be involved in this business. But it is desirable to have a graduation degree preferably in the field of finance to be able to understand the complexities of the market. Moreover, someone who has experience in the financial sector would have a higher goodwill as well.
  1. Persuasiveness: Having the power of persuasion would definitely be an added advantage as such persons will be able to generate higher number of clients or investors or firms they are associated with.


A best sub broker in India performs the following functions for a stock trading firm:

  • One of the main functions performed by a sub brokers are generating clients for the stock trading firm. He is supposed to get investors to associate with his firm for trading.
  • Best Sub broker in India is required to ensure that quality deals are made and transparency is maintained in the process. He works closely with both the stock brokers and clients so he should ensure the validity of documents submitted on the part of the client so as to maintain the reputation.
  • Sub brokers in India are also responsible for keep a close check on all the transactions made by investors who are clients of the firm and issue sales notes to them. All such information must be brought to the notice of the brokerage firm.


A Best Sub broker in India performs the following functions for his clients:

  • The main function of a sub broker towards his client is to help them make informed investment decisions by updating them about all the necessary information from time to time.
  • A top sub broker needs to be updated with the happenings of the financial world and the workings of the market. The analysis for the same is taught to them in seminars conducted by the brokerage firm they are associated with. All of such information should be made available to the investors.
  • The most important function of a good sub broker is to analyze the risk-return appetite of the investor and provide him with the best options accordingly to maximize returns.
  • They are also responsible for assisting their clients in completing the whole process and transactions.


The three major advantages an individual receives as a best sub broker in India are:

  • One of the most essential advantage of being a sub broker for a broking house is that you get free training and regular seminars about the functioning of the market and trends thereof. This makes sub brokers self sufficient to manage their own personal finances as well as efficient in guiding their clients.
  • Another advantage is that being a sub broker requires less investment of Rs. 10,000 or above as compared to that of a stock broker. Moreover, most of the cost are covered by the broking house.
  • Also, the broking house supports the best sub broker franchise in India in many ways other than providing tips and strategies such as offering clients mutual funds, loan options and other services.

Answer – Many of us who do not trade or invest regularly and can get confused with what is the difference between these two terms, Stock broker and Sub Broker let us have a look of what these two terms actually means.



Brokers are considered as the trading members of stock exchange and require a certificate of registration.

Sub-brokers are not trading members of stock exchange but they still require certificate of registration to function.

Brokers charge a brokerage on every transaction made by their clients.

Sub-brokers do not charge any brokerage fee, instead they are given commission as a percentage of brokerage fee received by the broker.

A broker is an individual or a firm that works independently.

A sub-broker is an agent who works under a broker.


Yes, a client in required to enter into an agreement with a broker or sub broker for availing their services.

  • If a client enters into an agreement with a broker directly then they need to sign the “Member-Client agreement”.
  • In case there is a sub broker involved as an agent between the client and broker then “Broker-Sub broker-Client Tripartite agreement” needs to be signed. Model tripartite agreement are only for cash segments and has to be executed on the non-judicial stamp paper. It contains the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved. Since the documents are in model format, additional clauses can be included as per convenience provided they are not in conflict with the Rules, Regulations, Articles, Byelaws, circulars, directives and guidelines.


In order to place an order for buying or selling of securities on a stock exchange. A client is required to specify their transaction requirements to the broker or sub broker (if involved) by visiting their office or over internet or any other means as may be prescribed in the model agreement.


Following are the documents required for cancellation of sub broker application:

  1. A request of cancellation by the sub broker.
  2. An application from broker or trading member requesting the surrender of registration of sub broker.
  3. A copy of public notification issued in the local newspaper with wide circulation where the sub broker’s place of work is situated intimating the investors of the surrender of registration of sub broker so that they do not enter into agreement with such sub broker.
  4. The original registration certificate issued by SEBI in favour of the sub-broker must be submitted. In case the original certificate is lost, an affidavit by the concerned trading member and the sub-broker separately on stamp paper of appropriate value, duly notarised should be submitted along with an FIR copy.
List of few more Best Sub Broking Franchise in India

Here are the list of few more companies which provides Sub Broker Program to their customers –

HDFC Securities Franchise

Edelweiss Franchise

5Paisa Franchise

SBICap Securities Franchise

Tradebulls Franchise

Asit C Mehta Franchise

SAMCO Franchise

NJ Wealth Franchise

Ventura Securities Franchise

Axis Direct Franchise

PayTM Money Franchise

Mastertrust Capital Franchise

Shriram Insight Franchise

Karvy Franchise

Swastika Investmart Franchise

Prabhudas Lilladher Franchise

SAS Online Franchise

Sushil Finance Franchise

Religare Securities Franchise

Choice Broking Franchise

Indiabulls Ventures Franchise

Reliance Securities Franchise

Canmoney Franchise

Standard Chartered Franchise

Profitmart Franchise

IDBI Direct Franchise

Anand Rathi Franchise

Astha Trade Franchise

Yes Securities Franchise

Alice Blue Franchise

Geojit Finance Franchise

JM Financial Franchise

Aditya Birla Money Franchise

KIFS Trade Franchise

Way2Wealth Franchise

Bonanza Portfolio Franchise

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