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Sharekhan Sub Broking Franchise 

Sharekhan franchise

In this article, here we are discussing about the Sharekhan Broking Franchise and advantages of become sub broker with Sharekhan.

A broking franchise is a company that deals in stock and are willing to give their franchise to sub brokers. The rights are sold to the franchise so that extra clientele is fetched and more money is made through these sub brokers or franchise partners. They are known as Franchiser.

The model is a great way to start an independent business, to become one of the best sub broker franchises in India, there are different aspects are to be considered.


Sharekhan is one of the largest providers of stock broking franchise with humungous number of sub brokers in India. It is one of the pioneers to many financial revolutions in India. The icing on the cake is that they have been responsible for many new financial transactions in unconventional way.

Over the years, it has earned high credibility and hence it has been one of the favorite choices when it comes to become a sub-broker/franchise.

A Sharekhan sub broker caters its customers with all the products/services that Sharekhan stocks – some of these are equities, derivatives, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, IPO, investment, saving packages, portfolio management services etc.

SHAREKHAN Franchise is divided into 3 types:

  1. Sub broker/ Powerbroker
  2. Remisier
  3. Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

Sharekhan Powerbroker is a setup is an actual sharekhan franchise setup. Sharekhan provides all sorts of services to its client & make sure they deliver these services. The broking house Franchise program provides all forms of support to the sub broker to be able to grow their business multiple folds.

Sharekhan Remiseir set-up is similar to any other remiseir business where the client act as an agent of the company. The objective of the remiseir is to acquire clients for sharekhan & get their revenue share.

Sharekhan IFA is a program where a Partner acts as a sub broker of sharekhan only for mutual fund distribution. They also work on commission model where they certain part of revenue as commission.

This franchise has been in the industry for almost two decades now. Thus, they grant their business partners with merely one business model. We’re talking about the Sharekhan sub broker model.

The sub brokers with the recent amendment by SEBI are now called as authorized person (AP), the role is the same but the registration process differs a bit, as any new registration will now be an AP instead of sub broker. The registration is now done on the exchanges.

Advantages of Sharekhan Brokers

  1. Appointing dedicated relationship managers to better serve clients
  2. Offers a wide range of products & services
  3. Bandwidth to serve a large client base
  4. Allows modified solutions for high-net-worth individuals
  5. Product specific focus

Sharekhan franchise partner must pay certain amount to get the business, the security deposits vary from Rs. 70,000- Rs. 2,50,000.  Sharekhan franchise revenue sharing grants a commission rate of 50-75%.

The remuneration models have been referred to as dynamic because the commission for each broker varies depending upon various factors like the revenue generated, the security deposit made, the investments made and various other relevant parameters.

Sharekhan Franchise Cost to Become A Sub Broker

A sub broker business needs initial investment i.e. the deposit, the initial investment has two variants – one is the security deposit that a sub-broker is required to keep with the principal broker. The office is also need to set up. The profit is then divided between the company and the sub broker. When talking about infrastructure investment – we refer to an office space, the furniture and the required telephone lines, trading terminal, internet connections, workstations and other primary requirements. The cost is somewhere between Rs. 70,000- Rs.2,50,000.

Sharekhan Franchise Commission that one should earn


Commission (Rs.) 

Power broker




Independent Financial advisor

30% to 40%

How to become a Sharekhan Sub broker or Authorized Person?

  • The interested candidates may fill in the given form herein with the required basic details and we shall help you in connecting with Sharekhan’s business expansion team.
  • Upon providing these details, the same would be exchanged with Sharekhan’s team, post which they would connect with the interested candidate and understand their interest and expectations.
  • Next, the Sharekhan’s recruitment team would perform a background check to ensure that the details provided are genuine.
  • Upon completion of background check by Sharekhan’s team, they would connect with the candidate to have detailed discussions about the business plans, the expectations of the candidate, the expectation of Sharekhan, the business projections, the revenue sharing ratio, the investments etc.
  • During this discussion, the candidate is required to submit all the relevant documents like the registration from SEBI, NSE, BSE; academic certificates, ID card etc.
  • Based on such discussions, an agreement would be executed between Sharekhan and the candidate.
  • Upon execution of the agreement, the sub-broker can commence their business as Sharekhan business associates.

They are technically advanced and lot of initiative has been to taken to make a better company it has one of best Trading terminal with lot of advance features which will making trading very easy.
Regular training, webinar, transparent research calls, free client education, Advance courses, good brand value and strong physical presence across the nation, various financial products access under one roof are few reasons why you should choose Sharekhan franchisee over others.


Partnering with sharekhan can be of the great opportunities for someone. There is no doubt that sharekhan franchise is one of the preferred platforms for brokers because of the following:

  1. Low initial investment
  2. High revenue sharing
  3. Fast & online KYC
  4. Free demat account to sub broker clients
  5. Investment in multiple asset classes

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