How to become Sub Broker


Your two best friends are talking about how much they are earning investing in stock markets, you are unaware of what they are talking about. Then again you heard your younger brother talking about equity stocks and trends, it is then you decide and want to own it all. A family friend guided you to be a sub-broker and get into the business.

A sub-broker is a person who acts on behalf of stock broker as an agent. They participate in business development and sales process of the stock broker. Also, give investment suggestions and stock tips. To sum up the role of sub-broker it is to assist the investors.

Once you have decided to be a sub-broker, let’s see “How to become a sub broker.”

  1. Minimum qualification of 10+2, it is preferred to have at least completed the graduation.
  2. Knowledge of financial markets should be high.
  3. Some of the famous exams should be cleared such as NISM or NCFM certifications.
  4. Should have basic knowledge of computers.
  5. Should advice the customer in equities, commodities, currency, mutual funds etc.
  6. Should be able to efficiently execute the dealings between the broker and the client.

Documentation- To become a sub broker

  1. ID documents- PAN Card, Aadhar Card
  2. Education proof- 10+2 certificate
  3. Address proof of residence and office
  4. Passport photographs
  5. Reference letter by CA

Other Requirements – To become a sub-broker

  1. Deposit a refundable fee of approximately Rs.2,00,000.
  2. 2360 per segment registration charges with SEBI as an authorized person for one time only.
  3. 250 + taxes for terminal per segment per month
  4. Office space of 100-200 sq.ft which can be operated from home too.
  5. The sub broker will receive a business tag against the account.
  6. The employees of the sub-broking company and the sub-broker also will receive the training and education on trading platforms.
Benefits of being a Sub broker
  1. No high investment required
  2. One of the best benefits of being a sub-broker franchise or a part of sub-broker franchise is the knowledge one gains through webinars and conferences.
  3. Wide range of services and products
  4. Access to key information about stock market.
  5. Very high incentives and commissions.

The sub brokers and the franchise network help the stock broking houses to increase their visibility and access across multiple regions of India.  Let us study the top sub brokers in India.


  1. Angel Broking Franchise
  2. Sharekhan Franchise
  3. Motilal Oswal Franchise
  4. IIFL Franchise
  5. ICICI Direct Franchise
  6. SMC Franchise
  7. Zerodha Partner
  8. Nirmal Bang Franchise
  9. Kotak Securities Franchise
  10. Upstox Partner

Angel Broking Franchise

This is one of the oldest stock broking houses in India since the year 1987. Angel broking provides multiple business models to its partners, franchise, sub brokership, etc.

The advantages to get partnered with angel broking is high brand equity, client acquisition offers, consistent career growth, high end client acquisition.

Broking Franchise with highest stock market experience

Angel broking franchise tops the chart for being one of the experienced players in the stock market business, followed by Sharekhan and Motilal Oswal.

Best Sub broker- Revenue sharing Model

Angel broking and SMC bangs again with almost 80% of the revenue with sub brokers.  A good sub broker requires great negotiation skills and that is how earning well and increasing the revenue.

Best Sub broker with low security deposit

Angel broking with Nirmal Bang are rising high grabbing the position 1

Best Sub Broker – Customer Support

Again, the sub broker for this segment is angel broking, it is having a great customer support team that are available for their customers 24*7.

As compared to Zerodha and Upstox Franchise, Angel Broking provides large support in terms of digital marketing and lead generation for client acquisition as it is one of the oldest stock broking company.

Angel Broking is definitely ruling the charts in terms of ranking of the TOP 10 SUB BROKERS IN INDIA and is ranked number 1. Rank 2 is for Sharekhan. Zerodha being a hype in the market does not comes in TOP 5, but marks a rank at number 7.

Angel broking along with ICICI Direct and Kotak Securities are the leaders of Top Service delivery to the customers.


A sub broking franchise could be a great place to become an entrepreneur at a start level. Being a broker requires extensive permissions and certifications, being a sub broker allows you to carry out similar functions, short of being listed as a trading member of the stock market. You can consider partnering with reputed organizations that will provide brand value to the business.

Sub broker is also called as an authorized person authorized by the stock exchanges. The business plan for sub broker is quite simple, the broker here provides its brand and infrastructure support in exchange of brokerage in the form of commissions. Sub brokers main role is to increase the client base that is very important, along with maintaining healthy relations with the existing clients, the sub broker should keep on doing cold calling to widen the client base. Therefore, networking and interacting with people should be one of the finest traits of the sub broker.

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