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Customer Service And Support

Customer  Support – List of Stockbroker best in Customer Service

customer service and support

A trader or investor takes the help of a stockbroker because the stock broker makes it easy for the trader to trade in the market. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a stockbroker to provide customer service and support through phone, email, live chat etc. if possible, in market hours and after hours.

It is very important to assess how prompt the brokers are in terms of delivering the support to the investors over phone or emails. Investors give too much focus on other services and brokerage charges that they forget to check about the customer support after that service. The proper guidance from the customer care service provider can be helpful for the investor. The full-service stockbroking houses will provide much better customer care service than the discount stockbroker. It is very important to satisfy your clients and traders by providing top class service.


The main responsibility of customer care is to provide their services to the investors at a phone call, also to provide back market support after market hours.

Investors before choosing the broker should thoroughly review the customer’s feedback and rating on the customer care because it is what the client will expect out of the broker. The customer care services should not be neglected at any cost by the investor before selecting the right broker to open the demat account.


Stockbrokers support the clients in different ways:

  1. Phone calls
  2. Email
  3. Live online chat
  4. Discussion forum
  5. Tutorials
  6. Trainings & sessions
  7. Knowledge base

Broking houses also have a compliance officer who ensures that all the processes and actions are in compliance with the regulations of trade. If an investor is facing any problem then the investor may connect with the compliance officer also.


Best stock broker in India enables the clients to purchase stocks and other securities from the stock exchange. Best customer support service is as important as any other feature for the investors before choosing the broker

  1. Angel Broking Customer ServiceIt is one of the oldest and leading stock brokers known for its good customer satisfaction. They offer customer service to the customers. The customers are provided with phone calls, email, and trade desks.
  2. Sharekhan Customer ServiceIt is one of the best with the customer support services, though this broker lacks behind in the other traits, but this trait of customer services is the best provided by the sharekhan.
  3. Zerodha Customer Service-Growing exponentially within these times is not only because of the lower brokerage charges and a great trading platform, but because of the outstanding customer care. Other than online support portal, Zerodha has Email and over the phone support. 
  4. IIFL Customer ServiceThis has been in the industry since 1995, they are full service brokers, so the brokerage charges are higher as compared to discount brokers. Their main feature is the awesome customer support they offer to their clients.
  5. Motilal Oswal Customer ServiceThis is another full service broker with reasonable communication channels , providing online assistance, personalized form of communication. Also started with MO Genie where the users can get automated responses to their queries in real time.


After reading above it is clear that customer support service is as important as any other feature for the investors before choosing the broker. Because the other features are manageable but the customer support is very much required by the traders and investors. 

A happy customer can also work as an agent if the service of the stock broker is good. The good customer support to the customers helps in spreading the word of mouth and automatically the customer base grows.  Providing best customer service is an integral part of the values of the stock broker. A broker who does not provide a decent customer support could lose out some crucial opportunities. 

As the word of mouth increases the customer base increases, which reduces the advertisement cost and that amount could be used for outstanding experience to the customers. 

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