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Have you ever seen a person talking on two phones at a time, madly taking notes and also keeping an eye on the computer screens that are blinking endlessly showing ups and downs in the stock market? Yes, you are thinking right, this is what a stock broker does the whole day. Best stock broker in India enables the clients to purchase stocks and other securities from the stock exchange.

As an investor, one has to decide which stocks to buy, hold and sell the stocks. But this is only one part of the story, the other half of the story is managing the portfolio. For all such decisions and managing the portfolios, an investor needs a stock broker who determines the margin of safety by comparing today’s stock price to its intrinsic value.

Who is a stock broker?

A stock broker acts as an agent for buying and selling the stocks. Brokers are licensed to make trades with securities exchanges and such brokers are the SEBI registered stock brokers. Investors rely on these SEBI registered stock brokers expertise and knowledge to invest in stocks. Such brokers levy a charge in the form of commission or fee. The charges depend on the broker as some may charge a fixed fee while few charge on a percentage basis. There is one full-service broker and another discount broker.

The full-service brokers advise the investors and not just execute the buy and sell order, they provide services like stock search, and also research on trending topics. These Full Service brokers provide both online and offline services. Discount brokers are majorly related to active trading, the frequent traders approach discount brokers to pace and sell the order. The transaction costs for full-service brokers are higher than the discount brokers. 

Here is a list of Top 10 Stock Brokers in India 2021 (Irrespective of Rank)

  1. Upstox Stock Broker
  2. Angel Broking Stock Broker
  3. Wisdom Capital Stock Broker
  4. Zerodha Stock Broker
  5. Bonanza Online
  6. 5 Paisa Stock Broker
  7. Trade Smart Stock Broker
  8. Aditya Birla Money Stock Broker
  9. SAS Online Stock Broker
  10. Tradejini Stock Broker

Finding the Best stock broker in India is one of the decisive tasks for an investor. Stock broker knows the essence of the market so he knows the best time to buy and sell in the market. These are the following 3 major categories that an investor could look out for in the stock broker, making the stockbroker enter into the Top 20 stock broking company in India.

  1. Charges- This is one of the major comparisons that an investor does. The discount brokers are cheaper as compared to full-service brokers. This fee is charged by the broker in India for trades executed at stock exchanges. There are no standard charges, it will differ from client to client. There are three major types of brokers that charge brokerage fees: full service, discount and online brokers.
  2. Services– The full- service brokers provide high end services to its clients; it is a traditional broker. This broker provides offline and online services, advisors, stock tips, research, training sessions for clients, facilities of margin funding. The discount brokers on the other hand helps to trade in the market for buying and selling the stocks.
  3. Leverage- The broker acts as a lender to the investors and the investor’s trading account is kept as a collateral. Leverage service may vary from broker to broker.

Stock brokers go through extensive training to learn about securities, pass licensing exams. Good stock brokers research rigorously and recommend their clients the best. The stock broker acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of stocks.


To make it easier for an investor, here is a list of Top 10 Stock Brokers in India, ranks are given on the basis of research and it may vary. 




Angel broking Stock Broker


Zerodha Stock Broker


Upstox Stock Broker


Edelweiss Stock Broker


ICICI Direct Stock Broker


Sharekhan Stock Broker


Motilaloswal Stock Broker


5Paisa Stock Broker

Kotak Securities Stock Broker


HDFC Securities Stock Broker

Angel Broking tops the chart as it is one the oldest stock brokers in India and is counted as the Best Stock Broking company in India.

The Best Stock Brokers in India are registered with a depository (NSDL OR CDSL) and SEBI constantly monitors the working of such stock brokers. An investor cannot blindly trust the broker and a proper research should be done before choosing one.

To mark the end, whenever an expert is in a dilemma an opinion of an expert is always that matters. But it is not as simple as it looks, the selection of a best stock broker is quite a task. It is always advisable to have a thorough analysis of the services and benefits provided by the stock broker.

The key parameters that an investor could decide on the basis of brokerage charges, customer support, existing customers, research team, performance of trading platforms.

The best stock broker for an investor would be one that caters his needs and is investor friendly. A ranking may help you to an extent but as an investor you have to decide the best stock broker for your decisions. Make sure the stock broker is a SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) registered stock broker and a member of the stock exchange. The details of registration are easily available on their websites.

Choose the stock broker wisely, else it can cost you some serious money!

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