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Investment means something in return, generally the investors invest their money to earn the extra income to meet their financial goals. Investments are something for the future that will grow in future and over the time. However, investing anywhere comes with a risk factor. Investing the savings in the stock market is one of the very common financial products for a beginner.

Investing means an investor is committing his money to let it grow, investing is all about common sense mixed with the right set of knowledge and skills.

In early years of earning, investors do not know how to plan the finances. The early savers always get a comfortable life ahead. Therefore, financial planning and an investment guide is a necessity for these investors.


  1. As a beginner the first thing investment means is investing in the stock market, so before starting with this kind of investment an investor needs to open a Demat Account. So, as an investor it is important to have a demat account.
  2. Set your goals as per your requirements and then start investing in different schemes as per your need, whether long term investments or short term investments.
  3. Diversify the portfolio, the diversification is required not only while investing stocks but also for investing in different financial products. Diversification is a step to manage the risk of losing out in the market.
  4. Always make sure a nominee is appointed for all the accounts that you open as an investor.
  5. The rise in prices of essential commodities is called inflation. For this compounding helps in investment and cover up the inflation cost.
  6. Create an emergency fund at least for 3- 6 months of expenses should be deposited in the emergency fund.
  7. As an investor it is very important to review the investments and check how much gain or loss there is so that it is clear when to exit from that investment.
  8. Before you invest as an investor it is important to separate your expenses , savings and then think about investments. It is important to have some liquid funds with you.
  9. As an investor you have to invest wisely , here is a list of few very happening investments that may help you invest.
  • Direct stocks
  • Equity mutual funds & Exchange traded funds
  • Debt funds
  • Real estate
  • Digital gold

  10. As an investor one needs to overcome the mental blocks, stop being emotional. It is very important to know that there is always a scope for  investment and if you have thought about investing today then do not wait for tomorrow.


 This investment guide can help you through a basic investment, surely in this journey you might need a financial planner, advisor or portfolio manager to manage these finances and give you more insights while making your investments. It can help you with reinventing the investment style again and is very important to know the process of investing and taking those informed decisions that will make you a successful investor. This investment will give you a direction to reach your desired goal and learn the investment basics.

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