“Samvat 2079 Highlights”

"Samvat 2079 Highlights"

What is Samvat 2079?

Vikram Samvat, Vikrami Calendar or Samvat is a historical Hindu calendar which is 57 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar.So, where the year 2022 of Gregorian calendar is going on, Samvat 2079 is going on.

This calendar is lunisolar where both 365 solar days and 12 synodic lunar months are considered. This calendar was started in 57 BC during the time of King Vikramaditya and hence the calendar got its name from Vikram of Vikramaditya. Though, Samvat begins from the first day of Chaitra, but the accounting year and the beginning of the year of the Indian Equity Market, start from the day of Diwali, with Muhurt trading.

And in the same way, from the day of Diwali, the new year of trading that is 2079 has started.

Let's take a look at the highlights and trading strategies of Samvat 2079.

According to IMF’s estimate, India’s growth rate will be very good in the coming year and by the year 2027, India can also become the third largest economy. That’s why analysts and experts are all very bullish. And the way the Sensex went 500+ on the very first day, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the market.According to Rating agencies, Nifty going 20,000+ and Sensex touching 66,000+ is more viable than they reaching the 15,000 and 51,000 mark again.

Besides, India’s rank improvements in the categories of ease of doing business from 133 to 63, and the global competitiveness index from 59 to 37, are both indicative of the changing economic landscape and India’s rise as a global powerful force.

It has become a matter of overall market, now let's see what should be your investment strategy

To begin with, all the companies which are in manufacturing and exporting will get leverage.

After the pandemic, the West has to reduce its dependency on China and diversify its outsourcing. Interestingly, apart from China, India also qualifies when it comes to cheap labor availability and low manufacturing costs, especially in pharma, chemicals and electronics.

And the way the Russia-Ukraine war and high fuel prices have affected the profits of all European companies, undoubtedly they would like to bring the manufacturing unit to the Eastern Sphere. That’s why there is an opportunity for ‘Indian companies’ – not only for manufacturing companies, but also for companies that are in exports. 

Apart from this, experts say that this year the defense, finance and auto sectors will do really well,

Based on this, investors have to keep in mind that they should overall avoid companies that have poor corporate governance and high leveraged balance sheets.

Apart from this, some of the top recommendations are as follows –

What is the outlook for the year ahead?

Mostly, Bullish, however, India is always a bottom-up market. So, it is difficult to predict markets in the short term, but in the long term, the market is a mirror of earnings growth.

After subdued earning growth of 9% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) for the last 10-12 years, it is expected that Nifty 50 will deliver 12%+ earnings growth over the next 2-3 years. Importantly, many companies are likely to double their revenue and profits over the next 4-7 years.

That is why it is important that retail investors start taking the 3M investment approach – Market size, market share and margin of safety to identify such companies and create long term wealth.

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