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ICICIdirect Services, Plans, Charges, and Features Guide

ICICIdirect Account Overview

ICICIdirect is one of India’s largest retail stock brokers, providing online trading and investment services as part of the ICICI Group. They offer a wide range of financial products and services to over 5 million customers.

Key Services and Features

ICICIdirect offers a comprehensive suite of trading and investment services across various segments, including equities, commodities, and currencies. They also provide mutual funds, IPOs, fixed deposits, bonds, and loans.

Popular Plans and Brokerage Rates

ICICIdirect offers multiple brokerage plans tailored to different trading needs. Below is a summary of their popular plans and corresponding charges.

Plan TypeEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayEquity FuturesEquity OptionsCurrency F&OCommodity F&ONCDs/Bonds
Neo Plan0.55%Rs 20/orderRs 0 (Free)Rs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order0.75%
Prime Plan (Rs 299)0.27%0.027%Rs 40/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prime Plan (Rs 999)0.22%0.022%Rs 35/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prime Plan (Rs 1,999)0.18%0.018%Rs 25/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prime Plan (Rs 2,999)0.15%0.015%Rs 20/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
I-Secure Plan0.55%0.275%0.05%Rs 95/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order0.75%
Prepaid Plan (Rs 5,000)0.25%0.025%Rs 35/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prepaid Plan (Rs 12,500)0.22%0.022%Rs 30/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prepaid Plan (Rs 25,000)0.18%0.018%Rs 25/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prepaid Plan (Rs 50,000)0.15%0.015%Rs 20/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prepaid Plan (Rs 100,000)0.12%0.012%Rs 15/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Prepaid Plan (Rs 150,000)0.09%0.009%Rs 10/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/orderRs 20/order

Account Types

ICICIdirect offers two main types of accounts to cater to different customer needs.

  1. 3-in-1 Account: This includes a bank account, a trading account, and a demat account for seamless transactions.
  2. 2-in-1 Account: This includes a trading account and a demat account, which can be linked to a non-ICICI bank account.

ICICIdirect Account Charges

Here’s a breakdown of the charges associated with opening and maintaining an ICICIdirect account.

Transaction TypeCharges
Account Opening ChargesRs 0 (Free)
Demat Account Annual MaintenanceRs 300/year
Demat Debit Transaction ChargesRs 20/transaction
Call & Trade ChargesRs 50/order

Trading Platforms

ICICIdirect provides multiple trading platforms to cater to different trading preferences and needs.

  1. Website: A comprehensive online investment and trading website.
  2. Trade Racer: An installable trading terminal for frequent traders.
  3. ICICIDirect Mobile App: A mobile application for trading on the go.

Unique Selling Points (USP)

ICICIdirect distinguishes itself with several unique features:

  • 3-in-1 Account Integration: Seamlessly integrates banking, broking, and demat accounts.
  • Local Support: Available at ICICI Bank branches.
  • Trusted Brand: Part of the reputable ICICI Group.
  • Wide Range of Products: Includes One Click Equity, Margin Trading Funding (MTF), and Smart Trading features.

Special Offers

ICICIdirect Neo Plan offers several benefits, including free account opening, brokerage-free equity futures trading, and flat Rs 20 per trade brokerage in various segments.

Customer Service and Complaints

ICICIdirect maintains transparency with customer service metrics and complaints. Here is a summary of recent complaint data.

ExchangeFinancial YearNumber of ClientsComplaintsComplaint Percentage

Margin and Leverage

ICICIdirect offers different margin and leverage options across various trading segments.

Equity Delivery100% of trade value (T+5)1x
Equity IntradayUp to 20% of trade value5x
F&O100% of NRML margin1x

Customer Ratings

ICICIdirect is rated by customers across various aspects, providing a holistic view of their services.

CategoryRating (out of 5)
Overall Rating2.3
Customer Service2.6
Research Capabilities2.9

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