Best Share Market Websites

Best Stock Market Websites in India


Investing in stock market could be a toll on any layman with very less financial background, as it requires a of knowledge and skills. The stock market is very addictive that helps to multiply an investors money if the tricks to survive are known by the investors.

Stock analysis is a method for investors to make some big buying and selling decisions. To make all these decisions an investor needs to be fully updated on regular basis with the news and changes in the stock market. All these information is available for the investors on stock market research websites.

Let’s check out THE TOP 10 SHARE MARKET WEBSITES, that will guide you with more information and help an investor to conduct fundamental and technical analysis. There are Best Share Market apps available for trading.  

  1. Money Control
  2. NSE India
  3. Economic Times
  4. Livemint
  5. BSE India
  6. Screener
  7. Business Standard
  8. com
  9. Bloomberg Quint
  10. Market Mojo

Let’s discuss in brief about Best Share Market Website.


This website gives an insight about stocks, finance, global indices, mutual fund research, commodities. Money control is the most comprehensive website for financial and saving matters as it provides everything from financial tips, property, mutual fund examination, fundamental and technical examination.

It is the most visited and best share market website in India.


This website is one of the largest and best in the stock research sites in India. It is also official website for viewing and analyzing the stock market. This site has a huge traffic volume, also updates the financial data of public listed companies. An investor can go through the historical data of the company, its prices too. In short it is authentic and trustworthy website for studying the stock market. Surely it will help an investor to do the fundamental and technical analysis.


One of the best financial newspapers that is available online too, it is a news-oriented website that is useful for share market as it provides a lot of information about the stocks and commodities. It is a very user-friendly website that is easily readable with latest updates in the form of blogs. It is one of the oldest newspapers and now the most searched website for the investors it is carrying forward the long legacy ahead.


It is one of the most searched websites for reading latest blogs on investments, business news, economics, politics, etc. It is an online website for a leading business newspaper The Mint. The main focus of this website is giving the investors latest updates on the business officials and policymakers. The main sections of this website will take an investor through various company’s latest news updates, podcast, startups, mutual fund etc.


It stands for Bombay stock exchange. It is another stock exchange like NSE. BSE is one of the oldest and the first stock exchange in India, so an investor could get the oldest information about the company from the website before investing in that particular share. This website carries all the important information for the fundamental and technical analysis.


It is one of the stock market analysis in India, that helps an investor in analysing the shares and various stocks and then invest after the research on the website. It provides company’s financial data including balance sheet, annual reports etc.

The website’s name is apt as it does the screening of various companies and the provide the information to the companies.


It is the website of Business Standard Pvt. Ltd., being one of the famous business magazines its online website also is one of the leading among various investor. This website provides reliable and true and fair information to the investors.

This website is most read for business new, to read about business tycoons and share market ups and down with few expert’s opinions.


It is one of the global brands that is making too much wave in Indian financial markets also as most of the investors are creating a lot of traffic on the website. This website provides details for streaming quotes, charts, technical data, financial quotes, forex correlation, pivot tables, profit calculator. Etc.


It is one of the research websites, it provides day to day new regarding the market and different companies. This website is specially designed for the new investors and provides you with the best of blogs for the investment purpose.

It is a collaboration of Bloomberg and Quintillion Media; this collaboration is growing majorly and one of the best growing share market websites in India.


This website provides details about the public listed company and provides the last 5 years financial data. Each company’s research is framed in a summary with 3 mojo dots that will help the investors make a decision. It provides some pre analyzed data, is one of the best share market websites as it help the investor makes the decision in a better way.


Share market websites helps the investors make a wise decision as they provide technical analysis that helps the investor to invest wisely. There are thousands of data and information available on internet today, but we cannot rely and trust on all. These few websites mentioned in this blog will help you make a thoughtful decision and how to play with your investment alongside. For a novice it is advisable to start following these websites to get started with the trading journey.

It is a great decision to read a lot before start investing in the stock market.

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