Best Mobile Trading Apps in India

Best Mobile Trading Apps in India - Top Portable Exchanging Application

Best Mobile Trading Apps

With the advent of smartphones and such low-cost internet plans by the telecommunication companies has made the world change in one click. So, when every industry is making different applications for smartphones to make your life easier, how could the stock broking companies be left behind? All the stock brokers have their own Best Mobile Trading Apps sanctioned by SEBI

Just as one loves to shop online through different e-commerce apps in the same way the online market has been flooded with trading apps from the leading stock brokers.

What is Mobile Trading?

Mobile trading means a stock trading that is done using an android or ios phone. If you are already investing in the stock market for sometime now, then you may easily choose a good trading app. These mobile investing apps help an investor monitor the performance of the shares and offer real time processing of the trading apps.

Features of Best Mobile Trading Apps

  1. Compatibility with major mobile operating systems.
  2. Mobile trading app which provides an investor with high- speed performance.
  3. Provides high class technology and unique trading tools.
  4. Gives the investor better trading experience with excellent usability.
  5. Helps to keep track of the stocks.

Points to remember- While choosing the Best Mobile Trading Apps

  1. It should be simple enough for the users – so choose an app that is easy to handle with minimal features.
  2. Keep on updating and upgrading the versions of the app. The investors and users should give constant feedback to the stock brokers so that they could upgrade the app.
  3. A good client support- if the troubleshooting of the customer is not resolved, they may shift to another better performing app.
  4. Read the reviews of the other clients already using the app before you choose which app to download.
  5. Usage of indicators in technical analysis, the app should support the indicators.

Ranking of Best Mobile Trading Apps in India – List of Top 10 Mobile Trading Applications

Traditionally people were too hesitant to invest in stocks and enter the share market, but in this era when things have become just a click away, anyone anywhere with a smartphone in hand could start investing with the help of the best mobile apps for the share market.

Choosing one right mobile trading app could be a really difficult task, so here is a ranking for the best mobile trading app that focuses on a few parameters such as speed, performance, usability, features, ratings and reviews.


Top Mobile Apps


Angel Broking App


Motilal Oswal MO Investor App


Zerodha Kite App


Sharekhan App


Kotak Stock Trader App


IIFL Markets App


ICICI Direct App


Upstox Pro App


Indiabulls Shubh App


HDFC Securities App

With the oldest in the market and having a great brand value of more than 30 years Angel broking is the leading Best Mobile trading app. This trading app is providing trust over so many tears of experience. The app of angel broking also provides the facility to analyse the performances of the user. Zerodha Kite app is not far behind bagging the second position in the Best mobile trading app.

Every broking house is providing unique features to make the user experience interesting. Investors will only download that trading app that will provide the best trading features.

Therefore, Angel broking app is the platform that provides better trading experience with seamless usability, this app has made the overall experience of investing and trading quite a cakewalk for the users. An investor can keep a track of his stocks, can watch out quotes, order alerts, trends in the market.

Key Attributes - Best Mobile Trading Apps
  • Invest in stocks- with zero brokerage cost on stock investment, access to every stock to make informed decisions. It also provides an easy, fast and secure way to invest in the stock market.
  • Invest in Mutual Funds- Choose from various mutual fund schemes, track your investment portfolio in real time.
  • Invest in digital gold-this is the safest form of investing, safety is assured and gold is stored in secured vaults.
  • Intraday and F&O
  • Invest in IPO- apply for IPO and track status online.
  • Trade in equity, derivatives, commodity and currency.

Like any other industry, mobile trading apps are also catching up these days. Unlike earlier where people used to wait for newspaper and news channels, now with these apps the investors are 24*7 informed. The trading through app makes it very easy and simple, the investors could download the best mobile trading app for android through play store or ios store.

Angel broking is one of the best mobile trading apps followed by Zerodha Kite with low brokerage and stock tips every now and then.

So, what are you waiting for, choose the right mobile investing app for yourself and start investing!

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