Best Intraday Brokers

Best Intraday Brokers in India

“In trading it’s not about how much you make but rather how much you don’t lose.”- Bernard Baruch. Before starting investing it is very important for one to understand that proper risk management is more important than making money.

Stock market is said to be a market for investors who are planning long term investments, but then this market also has people who just want to trade and not think about holding the shares for long term.  Such trading is the act of buying and selling of stocks within the same day and making profits within a short time. This experience of trading the same day is called intraday trading, for doing these intraday transactions the “Best intraday broker” is utmost important.

These top intraday traders in India experience higher volatility than the long-term investors. Most of the investors are hesitant to enter into intraday trading because of the risk involved, but with the right set of knowledge one can make the most of it. Intraday trading is also known as day trading, in this type of trading there is a probability to make quick money. The trader is a master of his own and is free to decide whether he wants to trade today or not. As every coin has two sides so does this intra day trading where high brokerage and taxes does not allow to keep up the profits. Also, day trading requires a lot of discipline and can even be stressful at times. 

A trader should look out for a stock broker or best intraday trading platform to deal in intraday trading. A trader needs to choose wisely and check the seriousness of the broking company before choosing one. 

  1. Speed and reliability-

The broker should have invested enough in the connectivity, backups, etc. so that his clients do not face any difficulty. It should be kept in mind that a slow and lagging network should not be a problem at the broker’s end.

2. Stability-

The trading platform should be a well-established player in the market. A trader should not get influenced by advertisement campaigns, make sure that you verify the facts and other details stated. 

3. Lowest Intraday brokerage-

A person needs to check whether he is a trader or an investor, if he is a trader he will be trading regularly and will need a broker with lowest intraday brokerage charges. If a broker is charging on a percentage basis it might create a little difficulty. The broker that charges fixed brokerage might work in such cases. A trader may also negotiate with a broker at the time of opening the account, to ensure there are no hidden charges and all the charges shared at the time of opening an account.

4, Expert Research Team-

A trader needs advice every now and then from the broker, so the best in the industry with a valid knowledge and qualification as well experience in the finance sector should be involved in the expert team of the stock broker. These experts give hands on advice to the traders and help them earn maximum from the stock market.

5. Customer Service-

A trader does not only expect from its stock broker to resolve administrative concerns. Customer service includes giving tips, tricks and ideas so that the trader could earn maximum profits.


To conclude a list of best brokers we must know what parameters make them rank in such a way. The parameters that determine intraday trading are brokerage charges, exposure in intraday trading, tips, tricks, intraday strategies, techniques and rules.





Angel Broking Intraday Trading



ICICI Intraday Trading



IIFL Intraday Trading



ZERODHA Intraday Trading



EDELWEISS Intraday Trading



UPSTOX Intraday Trading



SHAREKHAN Intraday Trading



MOTILAL OSWAL Intraday Trading



HDFC Intraday Trading



Kotak Securities Intraday Trading


From the above ranks given the highest intraday trading margin brokers in India 2021 it can be seen that the Angel broking Intraday Trading top the charts as it fulfills every need of an investor. It is one of the fastest trading apps that provide its customers tips, tricks and is a high performing platform.

Final Conclusion – Best Intraday Brokers in India

To conclude, it is suggested that before a trader finally selects the best trading platform, a detailed discussion with the stock broker on various aspects should be done. Every trader would have their own wants and preferences, as per the requirement the broker must be selected because each broker has its own special feature that distinguishes it from the other broker. If done correctly with the help of Best intraday broker trading in stock markets can provide a higher return as compared to other market options.  If you have read this article, it is sure either you are planning to enter the top intraday traders in India or you are looking for best intraday trading platforms. Take your time and choose wisely rather than wasting on some money making schemes. 


Keep trading, keep earning!

Top 10 Intraday Trading Brokers in India FAQs

Answer – Zerodha, is best for intraday trading because it delivers high-performance platform which always walks at a speedy rate and is able to trade at any given circumstances.

Answer – Motilal Oswal  provides the best tips, tricks and formulas to all its customers. They follow company news pretty closely and advises customers with the same.

Answer – You could definitely open a Demat account with ICICI direct for intra day trading. The reason being, it has really feasible intraday brokerage fees, it provides excellent tips and formulas, it has a pretty solid trading platform and it gives a good exposure in intraday trading.

Answer – Edelweiss has seemingly low brokerage charge. Intraday trading, otherwise is a pretty high volume game and every trader looks for companies with no brokerage fees so that all the learnings don’t get compromised by hefty brokerage charges.

Answer – Angel broking is the best company as far as intraday trading is concerned. It demands extremely less brokerage fee, gives tremendous tips, tricks and ideas and promises enough profit through out.

Answer – Angel Broking and Zerodha are pretty sprightly as far as intraday trading for beginners are concerned. They both are your best bet in terms of getting started with intraday Trading.

Answer – Any type of trader will always look for a platform that is fast, provides an identical charge of all kinds and has a high performing platform for trading. It is to say, Angel broking fulfils every need of an investor.

Answer – Angel broking house has the fastest intraday trading app and provides a platora of tips, tricks and formulas for customers through the market, with tactful investment and a guarantee of high soaring profit.

Answer – ShareKhan is one of the best companies as far as intraday trading is concerned. Hit the lights training in intraday trading strategies as it charges really feasible brokerage fee.

Answer – The margin of Uptocks ranges from 3x to 40x, ascertaining to its tremendous hold in the market. With high exposure and a plethora of factors, ranging from market reputation and financial advices, Upstox stands a solid ground.

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