ASK PMS – ASK Portfolio Management Services Charges and Returns

ASK PMSASK PMS, we are discussing here the ASK Portfolio Management services Strategies, Charges and Returns. We also covered the types of PMS and reviews of the ASK PMS.

  Portfolio Management Service provide tailor made professional service offer to meet the investment objective of various investors. The major benefits of investing in PMS are that it provides Professional and Active management, transparency and superior returns.

ASK is a renowned services group and leading industry player in wealth and investment management catering to some of the richest families in India. The committed team of ASK investment managers focuses on the most promising sectors in the ongoing market cycle across market capitalization.

It is one of the leading asset and wealth management company in India, that primarily caters to HNI (High Net Worth Individuals) and UHNI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals). The main aim of the company is capital appreciation and capital protection.

The company is known greatly for its PMS performance in the market. It has a huge list of portfolio managers who manages and handles their PMS business. Most of its growth was driven by the performance of investment portfolios.

The company invests solely in Indian listed equities for its clients who are domiciled in India and offshore through commingled funds and segregated accounts.


  • Focused portfolio of mid-sized businesses with a proven track record which could go on to become much larger thereby creating significant investment returns.
  • Investing in those businesses which are performing far better than the competitors
  • Portfolio creation by diversifying
  • Buying a growth business with right price
  • The investment strategies target the investment objective of the client.

Types of ASK PMS Portfolio

  1. Discretionary PMS In discretionary the client gets an expert to handle the investments, and the portfolio manager gives his expert knowledge and experience to get best results from the investment portfolio of the client.
  1. Non- Discretionary PMS Here the client handles his own portfolio without fund manager’s interference. A client can get suggestion from the fund manager.

Generally, most of the clients chooses to have Discretionary PMS type because in this type the whole account is handled and managed through the portfolio manager of the Ask PMS.

ASK PMS Strategies to follow 

This PMS works on short term, mid- term and long-term strategy.

  • Ask Growth Strategy
  • Ask Life Strategy
  • Ask Indian Portfolio Strategy
  • Ask Strategic Portfolio Strategy
  • Ask India Select Portfolio Strategy

ASK PMS Returns / Performance

The return rate of ASK PMS is extremely good. The broking house is able to beat 10 years Mutual Fund Returns.

  1. The returns for 3 years is around 12%
  2. It is around 14% for 5 years performance
  3. For 7 years it becomes 16%
  4. It is 17% for 10 years

 The healthy and satisfying return rate makes the Ask PMS most leading broking company available around the country.

Ask PMS Fee Structure or Commission 

  • Prepaid commission-Commission is paid in advance, before the actual tenure starts
  • Volume based commission-This type of Fees Structure is dependent entirely on the total number of transaction done by the Fund Manager.
  • Profit sharing based- they require to pay commission only after earning profit.

The prepaid fees structure is completely dependent on portfolio investment volume.

If the investment value ranges from Rs.25 lakhs  to Rs. 50 lakhs- 1.5 % commission of total investment

Rs.50 lakhs- Rs. 1 cr- 1.4%

Rs.1 cr- Rs.5 cr- 1.2%

Above Rs.5 cr.- 1.0%

Under volume% fees structure, the commission charges are normally dependent on the loyalty of FM and market status as well.

The investment portfolio consists of a profit range of Rs.2.5 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh, the share will be 25% of the total profit. If the portfolios profit range is between Rs. 5 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh, the profit sharing is 23% of the total profit.

With huge investment portfolios like Rs. 10 Lakh to Rs. 50 Lakh, the sharing is 21% of the total profit. And with more than Rs. 50 lakh of profit amount, the sharing will be 19% of the total profit amount.

ASK PMS Charges

Management Fees – This is as per the commission model agreed upon between the client & PMS team.

Upfront Fees – An upfront fees is also charged by ASK PMS team. This charge is more like a prepaid value. This charge ranges between 1% – 2% of the Investment amount.

Brokerage Charges – ASK PMS also charges brokerage on all transactions done by the Fund Manager. The charges is between 0.01% – 0.05% of total transaction value.

Custodian Fee – The PMS house also charge custodian change from its clients. This charges is between 0.3% – 0.4% of Asset Value.

Depository Charges – The depository charges are between 0.15% – 0.2% of Asset Value.

Exit Load Fees – The exit load fees is charged by PMS house depending on the client withdrawal duration & amount that is withdrawn. If the withdrawal takes place within 1 year of portfolio creation the fees is 1.5% – 2% of withdrawal amount. 


ASK Portfolio Management Service is one of the most well-known asset management firms in the country. The company uses effective PMS procedures that have resulted in tremendously spectacular and satisfying results for its clients or investors. In order to meet the needs of its consumers, the company created customizable commission templates and investment slabs. Aside from the facilities, the company’s excellent support system is well-organized and beneficial to clients.

The portfolio performance of ASK PMS is quite appealing and satisfying. It aids the organisation in building a solid client base. Portfolio management service returns have also been capable of outperforming mutual fund returns over a 10-year period. ASK invests in accordance with a precise and disciplined mindset. As a result, the prospect of a positive return on the investment portfolio increases. The organization maintains a strong relationship with each and every client in order for them to feel at ease when interacting with the company and to keep a long-term relationship with it.

From the above discussion it is clear to choose ASK PMS as your portfolio manager, because of the strategies, investment philosophy and outstanding returns.

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