Best PMS Returns in India

Best PMS Returns in INDIA – Performance and Rankings

Best PMS returns in India What is PMS?

A PMS or a portfolio management service is a unique and customized wealth management service with no pooling of assets like a mutual fund. A PMS is provided normally to high net worth (HNW) or Ultra High Net-Worth (UHNW) investors. This encompasses a minimum investment of Rs.25 lacs in contrast to mutual funds.

Portfolio Management Service provide tailor made professional service offer to meet the investment objective of various investors. The major benefits of investing in PMS are that it provides Professional and Active management, transparency and superior returns.

Best PMS in India for Returns Performance

PMS is the best method to select the right way of investing through a “Investment Strategy”. Investor’s fund remain s in the safe hands and thus the service aims at providing highest returns. PMS offers a structured way of investing money and is a very effective medium for higher returns.

With the help of the portfolio management service, you can get the chance to re-adjust the assets which are based on life objectives. ASK is providing the PMS service since quite long. They have massive experience and they have released the return rate which has beaten stock market on multiple occasions.

Here is a list of the Best PMS providers in India:

IIFL Portfolio Service Managers

ASK Portfolio Service Managers

Alchemy Portfolio Service Managers

Motilal Oswal Portfolio Service Managers

When an investor think about managing the portfolio, it seems as a simple process of deciding to buy, sell or hold. The margin of safety approach is great for the returns performance of the PMS,

3 Important portfolio management constructs

  1. Way of building a portfolio for long term growth.
  2. Alternate measuring stick for judging the progress of a portfolio
  3. Techniques to overcome the emotional roller coaster.

 Ranking of Best PMS Returns in India – List of Top 10 Portfolio Management Services in India






Motilal Oswal PMS


Kotak PMS


ICICI Prudential PMS


Alchemy PMS


Birla Sunlife PMS


Invesco PMS


Unify Capital PMS


NJ Advisory PMS


Forefront PMS

If you are serious about the stock market investment, then you need to manage your portfolio in a proper way to get benefits.

Few benefits of PMS

Experienced fund managers – PMS usually involves huge sums of money, which is why the most experienced fund managers are given the responsibility to manage it. In this case, a lot of experience also successfully ensures that you get the best returns with minimum risks.

Autonomy – It can be quite difficult to not agree to the fund manager’s advice on stocks. But you can state your preference of sector and company while choosing stocks. With the easy monitoring feature on desktop and mobile, you can also question the fund manager if you sense your growth is not up to the mark.

Diversified portfolio – This is one of the best features to mitigate risk. However, even though “risk management with high returns” is a good phrase to hear, but not many are able to provide. Only fund managers with some big names like Motilal Oswal have been able to deliver on this claim.


The costs in PMS too are pretty high no doubt, but by and large all top PMS managing companies charge such high fee which perhaps is felt by them that when the portfolio eventually offers high returns the investors would not mind the cost of portfolio management. 

Choosing the best PMS depends on a few parameters, them being, the returns performance, brokerage charges, experience, client base and last but not the least, the service and support provided. If none of your investments are returning a good amount of profit then you can sell that specific asset and reinvest in a more profitable business. 

The above article will guide you to choose the best portfolio management service in India and your portfolio will help you to take effective investment decisions in the stock market.

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